workshop in Billedskolen i Tvillingehallen 5th of november 2010

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Project Overview

  5th of november  art teachers from schools in Copenhagen are invited to join a workshop at Billedskolen i Tvillingehallen i Den Brune Kødby/The brown slaughterhouse.

The intention of the workshop is to inspire teachers  and to motivate the teachers to work with design together with their pupils.Hopefully the workshop will end up in many projects at schools and  in the end  a fantasy design exhibition in Copenhagen  in may or june.

During the workshop we will present the Fantasy Design in Community project and this website.Also designers will present the professional way of handling the designprocess and Rikke Rosenberg from Kunstindustrimuseet will tell about how to use the museum in the designprocess

When the program is ready we will present it here on the website.For more information contact souschef Anders Rodin eller Henrik Bak


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