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Project Overview

In Kontula at Youth Activity Centre Luuppi you find Finland's largest indoor skateboard hall situated underground at a civil defence shelter. Luuppi has a backyard area which use has been in minimum, still there has been a longterm wish to make changes to it and get it to an active use. Ideas about skateboarding outdoors have been said out loud. 

In the video below you will find out the original stage of Luuppi's backyard. Idea is to find out what will happen when architect Jaana Räsänen work with the backyard to engage young people in the process of planning for environmental change. She wants to support both the work and ideas of young people and the professional skills and enthusiasm of Youth Department employees and together with them find out how the project will change attitudes towards the environment and change the environment itself. 

An ecological and environmentally sustainable solutions are pointed out while making decisions about building materials and use of natural elements and recycled goods is cosidered as a good starting point.Time will be spend to promote an understanding of the methods and principles of sustainable design construction, teaching and learning about sustainable building materials and choices.

Here it starts! We are very exited about it!

Discovering the backyard of Kontula youth centre 2 from Leena Svinhufvud on Vimeo.

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