Fantasy Exhibition at "IES. Islas Filipinas" (Madrid)

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Project Overview

This year, through the Ministry of Culture and the Board of Education of the Community of Madrid, and in agreement with the MNAD and the School of Art nº 10, the Professional Training Institute Islas Filipinas (Madrid) has joined the "Fantasy Design Children in Community" project in which 70 students from the different branches of Graphic Design, Commerce and Building and Civil Works have participated.


     The project has been developed in accordance with the model offered by the Museum and the School of Art nº 10 , in the form of guided tours and workshops, conducted both at the School of Art nº 10 as well as at the Institute.
     Students have participated in the period from November 2009 to April 2010 in the different workshops planned:
Advertising Graphic design
Illustration of objects
Graphic Renovation
Textile screen printing
3D virtual Design
Corporate Image

The institute will inaugurate an exhibition on the Fantasy Design Project in June 2010 and to which invites all those interested in the world of design and education.

The exhibition will remain open until September 30th.

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