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Project Overview

 4th class at Holbergskolen in Copenhagen has been working with their thoughts about how to make a better and more beautifull world in the future.The children have tried to concretize their toughts and ideas through design.

Teacher:Lea Sjøholm

The model for the work was:

step 1:senseopener:
Inspiration and sense:
How has designers improved our everyday? Presentation of different design and designers.
step 2:  Knowledge and theory
Researching the market. 
step 3 :Knowledge and skills
developing ideas + sketching+ super vising by teacher and further research.
 step 4:Communication and synthesizing.
presentation of ideas, sketches for the rest of the group.
 step 5: production
·       Final sketching and descriptions of the design.
From 2D to 3D: models in paper  
Final model in cardboard.
If possible make a real prototype. 
 step.6 presentation:
Exhibition in the hall of the school and at the Fantasy Design in Community website.
step 7:evaluation


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