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4.11Thursday, meeting with Sito people Giant disco ball is born! Testing some lamps and spots in yard. Marjut tell more about lighting. Coffee, tea and candies.      11.11 Thursday Thin ropes transforming to spider web. And spider itself is among us! Testing spots with spider and web.     18....
28.10 Thursday Working with spots. Testing some ideas in yard.
21.10 Thursday What we want besides the lights? Installations? Sculptures? Spiderwebs? Giant ghosts on the walls? Clothes hanging on rope? Hundreds of hats? Disco balls?
14.10 Thursday, meeting with Sito people We move scketches to board to see all of ideas better. Discussion with Marjut and Ulla-Kirsti.
7.10 Thursday Working around the theme. Sketching ideas. What kind of lights, where to put lights, colourful lights?
Architects Ilona Mansikka and Marjut Kauppinen and designer Ulla-Kirsti Junttila from Sito launched our project in the end of September. (Sito is a Finnish company that provides comprehensive infrastructure, traffic and environmental services, including consulting, design, project management,...