Who is the expert?

Posted Wed, 2010-06-02 14:44 by Angela Uttke

Children and the youth have a vital understanding of spaces, buildings and neighbourhoods. They are experts of their needs. They will be “framers” and decision makers in cities of tomorrow. So let them start being a designer today! Let them start right a way to explore the aesthetical, technical and functional matters of space.

Planners, architects, craftsman and educators are important facilitators in the collaborative design process. They can enable children and the youth to develop their own designs by fostering design knowledge, planning and building skills.

Children and the youth can be knowledgeable (co-)designers on all scales of space – from the region to the park bench:

City and regional planning: especially connected to questions of their everyday live such as moving (public transportation, bicycling) and spending their leisure time in the city…,

  • Neighbourhood design: designing uses and spaces for children and the youth, redevelopment and temporary use of buildings and spaces by kids…,

  • Public space: designing and transforming plazas, parks and streets (including street furniture), creating dedicated and undedicated informal places to play, to chill, to hear music, for sports and arts…,

  • Architectural design: their own rooms, schools and schoolyards, youth and community centres…

Photo by JAS Jugend Architektur Stadt e.V.

Blogger: Angela U.