Designing for all – the user comes first

Posted Tue, 2010-06-01 15:34 by Hannu Kähönen

When you start to design an object you cannot think first about the object itself; you have to consider the user instead. What kind of person will be using it, in what place and situation and why? After that, you can start work on developing the actual object.

So you have to think about the user and the object, but with regard to the future we have to take a third thing into consideration, our environment. We have to see what kind of impact the product will have during its use – and after use, when it turns into waste. All three factors have to be in balance, the user, the object, and nature

At a certain point in the process, it’s necessary to put together all the requirements and needs and to have concrete solutions of some kind. In a way, designing is always about reaching a compromise, but it can be a positive compromise if you do it carefully. You find similarities between different kinds of people and you mix them in the design stage to see how it will be realized. This means calculating things and putting together a puzzle from needs of different kinds.


Blogger: Hannu K.