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Posted Thu, 2011-03-03 10:01 by Hanna Kapanen

Fantasy Design in Community workshops were offered for different kind of groups during the exhibition. In the workshops the main target was to discover design as a part of our daily surroundings. The groups visiting tought about why things are as they are and could there be any improvements made on for example on shool yard, playgroud, local park, entrance hall etc. Their suggestions for a better environment were presented in various methods.

In the workshop space of the exhibition all visitors were invited to give their ideas into the dock area Telakkaranta located in Helsinki. The area is planned to become a public space taking in consideration all citicens. So what do should be there? What kind of surrounding are good and inviting?  The ideas took three-dimensional form and were descired more closely on Post it notes. The ideas gathered during the exhibition will be sent to the Helsinki City Planning Department.



14.01.2011 - 27.02.2011