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Project News
15.11.2010 - Testing with light
28.10 Thursday
Working with spots. Testing some ideas in yard.
15.11.2010 - Meeting
14.10 Thursday, meeting with Sito people
We move scketches to board to see all of ideas better. Discussion with Marjut and Ulla-Kirsti.
15.11.2010 - 7.10
7.10 Thursday
Working around the theme. Sketching ideas. What kind of lights, where to put lights, colourful lights?
15.11.2010 - Starting point
Architects Ilona Mansikka and Marjut Kauppinen and designer Ulla-Kirsti Junttila from Sito launched our project in the end of September. (Sito is a Finnish company that provides comprehensive infrastructure, traffic and environmental services, including consulting, design, project management,...
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